Gem House Logs can provide log structures to meet all sizes and budgets.  We also offer affordable log home and cabin packages with the choice between three log styles.

Full Round Logs with a Swedish Cope
Logs are cut by a machine to a uniform diameter.  A cope is cut along the entire length of the log to allow it to sit tight on the log below it.  The corner logs are saddle notched to ensure a solid joint.  This system creates a sealed joint from water penetration and allows the water to shed down the wall.

Sizes Available:  6", 8", 9", 10", and 12" diameter

Square D-Logs
Square D-logs are cut flat on three sides (the top, bottom, and inside) with a band saw.  This allows for the interior wall to be flat, while the exterior is rounded.  The exterior natural edge can be left with bark on it or draw knifed for a hand hewn look.  This style of log uses the Butt & Pass corner system.

Sizes Available:  6"x6", 7"x7", 8"x8", 8"x12", and custom sizes

Half Log Siding
Full round Swedish coped logs are cut in half lengthwise.  Half log siding looks like a full round log home from the outside, but allows for a more traditional interior.  Half log siding utilizes the same saddle notch corners as the full round logs or the Butt & Pass corner system.  Half log siding easily attaches to the stick framing of a house.

Sizes Available:  6", 8", 9", 10", and 12" diameter